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  • GRE Quantitative Reasoning

    GRE Quantitative Reasoning
    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Studying abroad for your Masters is a time consuming decision when it comes to finding the right course and the right university. A number of standardized tests offer international students such as you an opportunity to knock at the doors of reputed universities and secure your future with a prestigious Masters degree. GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is one such standardized test that tests you on your verbal and quantitative skills and opens up a world of opportunities. Therefore, further in this blog, you will find our valuable insights into the GRE Quant Section. These insights will ease your decision making and help you make a sound decision surrounding your future.


    The GRE Quant Section

    GRE being a MST (multi-stage test). This means that the GRE will first have the Quant Section, containing mostly medium-difficulty level questions. The difficulty level of questions in the second Quant Section varies as per the student's performance in the previous section. For example, if you perform good (or above average) in first Quant Section, then the second Quant Section may have all high-difficulty questions, and if you have not performed good (or below average) in first Quant Section, then the second quant section may have all medium or low-difficulty questions. This holds true for both the Verbal Sections as well. Hence, your score in both Quant and Verbal sections is dependent on the difficulty level at which you are solving the questions.

    Therefore, the Chopras’ advice is to start practicing with 20 Quant Questions of medium or low difficulty level in 35 minutes. Once you achieve a high accuracy (almost 90%) in those questions, then you should practice all high difficulty 20 Quant Questions in 35 minutes.


    Margin of Error in Each Section

    With our extensive research and expertise, we figured out an intelligent trend that even after getting 5 to 6 Quant Questions incorrect out of total 40 given questions; you can score 166-167 out of 170 in the GRE Quant Section. In addition, after getting 8 to 10 verbal questions incorrect out of total 40, you can still score 160-161 out of 170 in the GRE Verbal Section. This further emphasizes the fact that your score in both Quant and Verbal is very much dependent on the difficulty level at which you are solving the questions.

    Hence, The Chopras’ strategy is to be a smart test taker by mainly focusing on your strengths rather than creating a mess while worrying about getting all questions correct within time.


    Tentative number of questions Topic/Module-wise

    GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section will have 40 questions - to be done in 70 minutes across two sections (each section has 20 questions - to be done in 35 minutes). The Chopras’ curriculum has the entire Quantitative Reasoning Syllabus covered through 5 modules. The approximate weightage of these five modules in terms of the number of questions asked in the GRE are given below:  

    • Number Theory                                              :           6-8 questions
    • Arithmetic & Data Analysis                             :           6-7 questions
    • Algebra & Word Problems                              :           6-8 questions
    • Geometry                                                        :           6-8 questions
    • Permutation & Combination and Probability  :           5-7 questions

    In addition, GRE Quantitative Reasoning Section will also test you on Data Interpretation (6-7 questions), wherein you will get information in the form of table, graphs (line, bar etc.), pie chart, scatter-plot, or other data presentation. These questions ask you to interpret or analyze the given data. The types of questions may be Multiple Choice (both types) or Numeric Entry. You will surely get at least one set of Data Interpretation containing minimum 3 questions in each of the Quant Sections.


    The Chopra’s Teaching Methodologies

    • The GRE Quant Section will have 40 questions to be done in 70 minutes across 2 sections, so our approach is always towards maximizing the number of questions attempted with greater accuracy in minimum time. Our lectures mainly focus on the tricks/strategies that help you to attempt all questions within a section in given time.
    • We normally cover one module (Quant or Verbal) every week for both Weekday and Weekend Batches. Each of these modules requires minimum 6 hours to complete. So, we conduct 3 classes of 2 hours each for weekday batches, and 2 classes of 3 hours each for weekend batches.
    • We schedule Verbal and Quant Classes every alternate week / weekend, so as to complete one module in the same week / weekend, and to give you sufficient amount of time to practice before we start a new module next week / weekend.
    • This structure of classes helps you to plan your classes in advance so that you can come prepared for the next session. This also helps you to plan for repeat / revision classes if needed.

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