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  • Study Abroad Guide 101: University College Dublin

    Study Abroad Guide 101: University College Dublin
    Saturday, April 29, 2017

    We ended our previous study abroad guide on Trinity College Dublin where we enlightened ourselves with this age old university along with the prospects of studying different top courses and scholarships here. And today we have come up with another fit in the list of OLD is GOLD!
    We are going to discuss about the largest university of Ireland- University College of Dublin (UCD); taking a closer look at it, we will also talk about its academics especially the top courses to pursue along with the scholarships offered.
    So let us begin our Tour de UCD and as you begin to fly for the university you enter the province of Leinster!

    Land of Swift- Leinster

    You must be wondering why we called it the ‘Land of Swift’. Because if you remember the “Gulliver’s Travels” then you know its legendary writer- Jonathan Swift, hailed from the Province of Leinster!


    Being the largest out of the four provinces in the country, Leinster is also home to the largest university of Ireland- UCD. Though much overlooked by the travellers coming to visit the country, Leinster comprises of 12 countries with a decent population count of 2.5 million. Rich in historical sites to visit, a student at UCD is never going to get bored travelling around Leinster getting a sneak peak into its majestic beauty.

    A Look At UCD

    Founded in the year 1854 by John Henry Newman, The University College Dublin has been flourishing well for the past 163 years. To talk about the history of UCD is meaningless without the mention of James Joyce who is considered as the father of modern literature; and completed his education from UCD in 1902.

    UCD Campus

    Staying true to its strategic objectives, UCD has not only gained a good global engagement and culture but believes in continuously improving for better. The international students flock to the University College Dublin to experience and be a part of its international recognition for academic excellence, research and innovation. Crossing the count of 6000, students from over 120 countries are a part of the global community that UCD has formed.

    UCD has international student exchange programmes with over 400 leading university partners around the globe!

    UCD Accolades

    • Highest publication volumes in the country
    • Ranks No.1 in National Research Income
    • Leading institution for European funding
    • Has the country’s first custom built incubation facility- NovaUCD
    • Most flexible and modular academic system in Ireland

    Be it the Rugby, Hockey, Table Tennis or rowing- UCD is on the forefront everywhere!

    UCD Ranks in top 1% of world’s top higher educational institutions!

    A Not-To-Miss Fact!

    Did you know that University College Dublin is the only university in the world to have a Project centre for Experimental Archeology that has successfully recreated houses from Mesolithic age (10,000 years ago) based on the excavations in Britain and Ireland?

    Not only that,

    Did you know that over 50% of UG students in UCD progress towards their postgraduate studies?
    So far we have travelled the lanes of history of UCD, Leinster and we are sure that you were definitely seeking for what’s coming next!

    Top Courses at UCD…

    The university that was founded with an ultimate aim of educating the young minds have maintained this tradition so far and believes in doing so for times to come too. The education has always been at the forefront for Irish, be it the old days or the contemporary. The present age of technology has in fact helped UCD to broaden its vision to impart its knowledge bank at the global platform and thus focuses well on its international students who come here to pursue their higher education.
    The UCD is broadly divided into 6 divisions comprising of:

    1.) UCD College of Arts and Humanities
    2.) UCD College of Business
    3.) UCD College of Engineering and Architecture
    4.) UCD College of Health and Agriculture Sciences
    5.) UCD College of Science

    UCD College of Social Sciences and Law

    UCD is held as the country leader with 7000 students enrolled for Postgraduate studies and 2000 students for PhD !

    Being a forerunner in advanced research and innovation, UCD has established itself as one of the premier institutions for R&D as well. Offering opportunities to international students to pursue Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral studies, there are many courses that you can choose from their platter of higher education. Therefore, let us give you a brief insight into some of the top ranked courses of UCD:

    Veterinary Sciences

    Belonging to the UCD College of Health and Agriculture Sciences, this course ranks 29th in the QS WU Rankings (subject wise) of 2016-2017. Offered at both UG and PG level of study, it is the only available center in Ireland for veterinary medicine center equipped with world-class facilities to teach and treat a range of pets, farm animals and exotic species as well. The UCD School of Veterinary Sciences is among the six European veterinary schools recognized as gold standard in this area.
    Students aspiring to study veterinary sciences from UCD have a chance to be a part of the world-class research methodology on animal health, welfare, medicine and more.

    English Language and Literature

    Offered by the UCD College of Arts and Humanities, pursuing your higher education in this area can offer you various options of university schools to choose from like UCD School of English, Drama and Film, UCD School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics and others. The students aspiring to pursue their higher studies in English language and literature from UCD will have the vast ocean of knowledge to dive into like interpretation of literary, media, and performance cultures along with the studies on modern languages. Students will get to know how languages originated, survived the transition over the years and their impact on contemporary world. This department in UCD ranks at 45 according to QS WU Rankings (subject wise) of 2016-2017.

    Arts and Humanities

    With a global ranking of 83, this subject area has been further divided into other schools of learning giving a wonderful platform to international students to choose from for their passion for higher education. The UCD Schools of classics, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, English, Drama and Film, Irish-Celtic studies and folklore, history and much more. UCD offers global standards of learning to flourish in an enriching, beautiful and sustainable campus rejuvenating your creative and artistic energy!

    Scholarships to look for...

    UCD believes in global education to every deserving mind out there and makes sure that every student either domestic or international is able to get their fair share of learning without the dearth of finances. Thus, a number of scholarships are offered that depends if you are a prospective UG/PG student or a current UG/PG student along with what you are interested in pursuing from UCD.

    We will now outline briefly about the scholarships for prospective students aspiring for academics below:

    Prospective Undergraduate:

    There are three scholarships under this tag- Ad Astra Academic scholars, Entrance Scholars, Prospective Students- School Leavers.

    Prospective Postgraduate:

    The scholarships under this tag have been categorised depending on the UCD college or school you are aspiring to join.

    1. UCD College of Arts and Humanities- Annie Fanning Memorial Award, Charlotte Kelleher Memorial award, MA scholarship for school of English, Drama and Film and many others.
    2. UCD college of Health and Agriculture- Dr. John F Keenan research scholarship, The Pantridge Award, Aikenhead McCauley Scholarships and more.
    3. UCD College of Science- Carmel Humphries Memorial Award, Intel Masters student scholarships, McCrea Medal, Garda Commissioner’s medal and much more!

    These are certainly not the only scholarships that UCD awards to its students.

    How about getting a detour of the place you are going to spend some of the best student years of your life?

    Places to see in Leinster...

    We have already covered about Dublin which lies within this province in our previous post,

    Let us take you through some well known places you would like to visit while you are studying in Ireland at UCD-

    Carlow- Known for its mysteriously famous stone structure Brownshill Dolmen built around 4000 BC and nobody knows how!

    Kildare- Known for its famous Curragh Racecourse hosting classic annual races in the country, it is the grounds for Irish horse breeding, training and racing!

    Kilkenny- Known for its historical buildings, cultural arts and crafts, you can relish your taste buds for dance, film, arts festivals and famous Kilkenny castle!

    Longford- Known for the unique ancient architecture and heritage site of Ireland, it has Corlea Trackway constructed in 148 BC and is testimony to Ireland’s Iron age. A must see!

    Wicklow- Known as the Garden of Ireland, will surely leave you spellbound.

    Final Thoughts..

    It was quite impressive looking at what all University College Dublin has to offer to anyone who knocks on their door for learning!

    Maybe you thought that UCD was just another university offering global education but as they say that when you dip your feet into the waters, only then you get to know of its depth.

    Clearly, the top ranking subjects across its different colleges and schools within the University along with the famous experimental archeology structure (which is one of its own in the world!) and the tons of scholarship they are offering for PG aspirants; all of it makes us to keep UCD on their top priorities when making decisions for studying abroad!

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