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  • Why choose NUS-ISS (MTech EBAC)?

    Why choose NUS-ISS (MTech EBAC)?
    Saturday, June 10, 2017

    The limitless opportunities provided by technology suggest that the future of business lies in the field of Information Technology (IT). With the sheer amount of information available from data generated through technology, proficiency in IT skills and knowledge has never been more vital for meaningful growth. In the light of this, NUS-ISS’ Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC) programme offers a world of possibilities for new practitioners in information technology.

    The NUS-ISS Master of Technology in Enterprise Business Analytics (MTech EBAC) programme allows new or entry- level IT practitioners to specialise or hone their expertise in business analytics. Unlike other  IT  graduate  programmes,  it caters to professionals who do not necessarily have an IT background.

    Gaining Practical Experience

    Full-time MTech EBAC students are required to complete an 8-month internship as part of the curriculum, where they build real-world systems and solve actual business problems for their internship companies. This intensive experience gives students  the  opportunity  to apply

    what they have learnt in their coursework, and develop deeper industry insights as well as maturity for their future careers.

    A Student’s journey so far...

    Vidyut Sharad  Singhania,  24,  obtained  a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science degree from Symbiosis Institute of Technology in India, before taking up the MTech EBAC programme in Singapore.

    “My cousin, who was working at the Silicon Valley at that time, advised me to pursue an education in the field of advanced analytics. After some research, I decided on NUS-ISS’ MTech EBAC programme, because it is taught by professionals with a wealth of academic and industry experience. The 8-month internship that the programme offers also appealed to me greatly,” he says.

    For Vidyut, the internship experience proved to be invaluable. In Vidyut’s words:

    “I interned at Isentia Brandtology Pte Ltd, a media intelligence heavyweight in the region, with a laundry list of global and regional clients. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to design, develop and deploy a core technical natural language processing-based component for the company. By the end of 8 months,  I  had  raced  against  time to provide an end-to-end open source solution,” he adds.

    This achievement was not without its challenges, as Vidyut had to pick up a new programming language from scratch. “I had to develop algorithms in Python and deploy them on UNIX despite having no prior experience with either. I ended up spending a lot of time reading books and blogs, and practising on the datasets I had available,” he explained.

    Post Study Job Opportunity

    Having recently graduated from the MTech EBAC programme, Vidyut is now working as a Project Manager and Data Analyst at Latize Pte Ltd, a Singapore- based start-up focused on linked data analytics solutions. His job includes advising and helping the clients derive greater business value from data, by leveraging on a combination of statistical, semantic and syntactic perspectives.

    “Applying for the MTech EBAC programme has proven to be one of the intelligent decisions I’ve  ever   made. I was offered the best opportunities, platforms and networks to develop my skills and abilities in the field of advanced analytics and beyond. Though the course was certainly rigorous and mentally exhausting, it widened my horizons to view situations from a multidimensional perspective – something essential in this field,” he comments.

    Vidyut is now able to apply what he learnt from the MTech EBAC programme into his daily work, and enjoys a lot.

    “The best part about working at an up-and-coming startup headquartered  in the financial hub of  Asia  is  having the opportunity to work with a gamut of clients – from government agencies to MNCs, – in a variety of roles, most of which are drawn upon and built on what I learnt from the MTech EBAC programme,” he shares with pride.

    “The MTech EBAC programme has definitely helped me prepare for my current role at Latize. Our lecturers kept emphasising that unless analytics and its applications show demonstrable business value, it is simply academic research and futile to the business – this has become my go-to principle when I interact with clients,” he says. In retrospect, Vidyut considers the overall experience a phenomenal one – one that far surpassed his expectations!

    “The NUS-ISS’ MTech course is a solid, all-rounded programme, and definitely one worth considering,” he firmly adds.

    Are You Not Interested Yet?

    Admissions for  the   NUS-ISS’   Master of Technology in Business Enterprise Analytics programme are now open till 31 August 2017. For more information visit

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