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  • Why is Australia ideal for Pursuing your PhD?

    Why is Australia ideal for Pursuing your PhD?
    Friday, March 17, 2017

    With the beginning of this 21st century we were already wondering about the future of humanity and asking ourselves where are we going with all the progress? And the only answer we have is “science” and “research”. Whichever part of the world you might be living in, with whatever lifestyle and basic amenities you have access to; everything is the result of scientific research and technological innovation happening in some other corner of the world. Agreed?
    This is what brought us to analyze one such bright spot- Australia!

    In our discussion today, we will attempt to understand what makes Australia a land of science and Tech, how the country achieved so much, why are students looking forward to Australia as an ideal place for their PhDs and some more!

    Australia- A Merger of Nation with SciTech!

    Science is a subject of wide range and applicability leaving it upon the nation to make use of it to evolve. Australia like other countries has always kept the bull’s eye focus towards the national development based entirely on the principles of sustainability. The fact that Australia has been home to 15 Nobel Prize Laureates so far speaks for itself!

    Keeping scientific research with ‘practical challenges to overcome’ on priority, the country has been able to transform itself as a world leader when it comes to cutting edge technological innovations and breakthroughs right from energy sector to medicine to nanotech etc.

    The technologies developed in Australia like the the solar hot water, dental braces, ultrasound, bionic ear, anti-flu medications, black box flight recorder and so many more calls out to every PhD aspirant like you to pursue their degree from Australia- a nation born out of Sci- Tech in real sense!

    Did you know that over 1,000,000,000 people around the globe are not only using but also depend on the technologies developed in Australia?

    The country is 3rd most popular study abroad destination for good reasons. Isn’t it?

    Now that we understand how Australia truly became a land of science and technology, let us walk further to know how the country was able to achieve all this!?

    Transforming into a study abroad destination!

    The Journey of Australia to becoming an ideal study abroad destination began with the discovery of penicillin back in 1945, acquired immunological tolerance in 1960 and then the discovery of accelerating Universe in 2011. The fact that the Australian government spends over AUD 200 million each year on international scholarships as a part of its aim to impart quality education fairly establishes that it is indeed a brilliant study abroad destination.

    Since you are aspiring to pursue your PhD from Australia, Let us jump straight to understanding the brilliant prospects on PhD that this country might offer you...

    Getting a PhD in Australia

    The application process for a PhD degree in Australia is not only unique but quite different from other study programs as well. The road to getting your PhD degree in Australia begins with you ensuring the following points:

    1. You have completed a 3-4 years graduation degree along with a 2 year masters course.
    2. You have a good score in English language proficiency test.
    3. Search and connect directly with the university or the individuals to discuss your proposed work.
    4. Your research proposal is feasible and your initial draft reflects your commitment and dedication to see it through the end.
    5. It should contain enough information to let university evaluate its strength and applicability to host and grant approvals.

    According to a 2016 survey by Department of Education and Training, Aus., 74% of the students held Australia as their first choice for their PhD and other degree qualifications. TheSurvey also found that percentage of the students who preferred to pursue their higher education from Australian universities and institutions was 95% solely due to the reputation of qualifications, 92% due to research quality and again 94% due to the excellent education system of the country.

    To stress the importance of a good research proposal that will give a smooth sail to your PhD journey in Australia; let us quote it in the words of Neil Armstrong;

    "Research is creating new knowledge”

    Ideal Courses and Universities for PhD…

    You must already be knowing that the doctoral degrees are the highest level of degree qualification that you can pursue in the world! Australia is equipped with over 35 globally ranked universities and more than 17 listed higher educational institutions offering a variety of courses and subject areas to pursue your PhD in.

    The doctoral degrees include PhDs, MDs, DPTs, etc. and can take about 3 to 6 years to complete fully. You can pursue PhD in a wide spectrum of subject areas as per your interests. You are allowed to pursue PhD after completing your Master's’ degree.

    There are about 63 programs which you can choose to pursue your PhD in Australia. Some of the brilliant areas to mention are Engineering, Art Design and Architecture, IT, Business & Economics, Medicines, Nursing & Health Sciences, Psychology, Forensic sciences, Pharmacy, Pharmaceuticals among many Others…

    There are many top notch universities offering programs to international students to pursue their PhDs.

    Let us look at some of the top courses in PhD offered by leading universities of Australia:

    Monash University:

    Medicine and health, Art Design and Architecture, Information Technology, Business Management.

    The University of Western Australia:

    Medicine and health, Law and Social Sciences.

    University of Southern Queensland:

    Business Management, Education and Training and Humanities

    University of Melbourne:

    Medicine and health, Education and Training, Humanities and Social Sciences

    Swinburne University of Technology:

    Social Sciences, Art Design and Architecture, Computer Science and IT and Engineering

    RMIT University:

    Computer Science & IT, Engineering & Technology, Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    Did you know that CSIR is Australia’s biggest R&D agency involved in more than 740 research activities?

    CSIR- Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization is one of the world’s largest research institutions in Australia!

    Funds for the research?

    Funding is an integral aspect of pursuing a PhD and in case one lacks the opportunity to get funded then they have to look for alternate sources like working part time to support their research. To prevent such a hassle and the fact that the country is research focused, Australian universities provide brilliant funding options for students.There are several scholarship options available for students aspiring to do their PhD from Australia. The Endeavour scholarships and fellowships, Australia is a known face among PhD aspirants that aims at providing the students with the experience of studying in an ever growing and state of the art academic environment. It offers AUD$15,000 per semester for the duration of four years to international students aspiring to study PhD in Australia, covering health, accommodation, security, payment allowance and much more.


    Let us begin the concluding lines with this noteworthy information for our readers:

    After completing your PhD, you are eligible to teach in Australian Universities!

    How does that sound mate?!

    By now we are very much sure that you are already looking for overseas education consultants to initiate your process. Right?
    Well, Needless to say Australia indeed justifies why it is an ideal destination for pursuing your PhD.

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