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  • Worried What To Do After School?

    Worried What To Do After School?
    Thursday, May 18, 2017

    So your 12th examinations are over and with that the wonderful time of your last two years in school has come close to an end and the only question that lurks in your mind- “What next?!”

    Remember the times when you used to crib about waking up early morning for school or those cheerful announcements for summer vacations? Though they will all remain stored safely in the vaults of your precious memories, it is now a phase that students prefer to phrase it as “entering the real world”!

    This is something that’s not just faced by you but by each one of us reading this right now, the painful and yet exciting pre-journey adrenaline rush. Right?

    So today, we are going to walk you through some of the aspects of this journey and explore with you the exciting phase that’s in store for you.


    Have you ever experienced the thrill of trekking up a mountain? This journey after school is somewhat similar but without a mountain to climb. Immediately after your school officially ends you are going to be darted with questions from every possible direction asking you about what career you have in mind, what kind of studies you plan to take, which course you are interested in, will you remain in your hometown or go out; so on and so forth!

    Feels like a task answering each of them because at the end of the day you are going to ask those questions even to yourself. And there is no escaping it. So why not begin this when you have time to introspect and scour your passions?

    Keeping a bull's eye focus on Indian system, as a student you are now in a far better condition than before when it comes to searching for subject fields to pursue after your school. There was a time when you had no choice other than to follow the path of your previous generation in taking up courses that stood well for their career. Now the times have changed in the sense that education has widened its spectrum by offering new courses and subject areas with exhilarating job opportunities.


    Thanks to the advent of world wide web and courtesy to globalization, it has opened new doors for students in not only India but all over the world for learning. The top universities globally are now catching up with international students like yourself who are struggling to seek answer to- what to do after school!

    The world ranking universities abroad are packed with latest academic structure for your subject of interest and resources that you may never get to experience in your own country. After completing your school education, you must strive to get a proper Psychometric assessment which will provide you with a clear understanding of your aptitude and the related field you should choose to study further. Students now have the liberty to figure out their own path, learn what they actually resonate with and make a career in what drives their passion. Gone are the days when it was mandatory for you to pursue engineering or medical just because only those subjects are respected or get you better jobs. No longer are you living in times when pursuing fine arts or cultural studies were only for select few. The times have truly changed with the fact that percentage of Indian students going abroad for their higher education has been increasing from 12% in 2014 to 17.8% in 2015.

    Did you know?

    There has been a 256% rise in Indian students going abroad in past decade (2000-2009)!

    These figures indicate and testify to the fact that it is "entry to the real world" after your school is over. Studying abroad for higher education has indeed become an option after school that many are considering for many benefits that we will see shortly.

    Should You Really Go Abroad?

    We think the right question is why wouldn't you go to study abroad? The availability of the resources like laboratories, field trips, access to exotic reading sources and not to forget the excellent exposure of teaching staff rich in experience and methodology, all of it will make you want to go abroad after school. But to highlight let us see what you get when you decide to go abroad for your higher education after completing your school:

    • Dream come true: Let us be honest that while in school you’ve probably talked about going abroad for at least once among your peers. So the first thing you get when you land overseas is a dream come true experience which is a cherishable memory in itself.

    • Culture: The second best thing that you will experience right after your school is a new culture, diversity and language that will have a great positive impact in the development of your personality.

    • Global Outlook/Perspective: When you move out to study abroad right after school, you tend to have a higher sensitivity towards adapting new environment and learning which ultimately reflects in the perception you carry towards things. Therefore, choosing to travel overseas is going to offer you a new and better perspective to look at things.

    • Career: Pursuing your education from world ranking universities increases your chances to land up with better job opportunities with the top employers of the world.

    We know the next thing you are about to do is search for the top universities and best courses to study abroad after school. But we know the first stumbling block in your way and so we have shortlisted some genuine places to look for. Here you can search for the university rankings according to courses, location and you will get comprehensive statistics about the universities.

    1. QS World university rankings 2016-17

    2. Times Higher Education

    3. Complete University Guide

    After you have shortlisted the universities or the courses that you find interesting and suited to your aptitude then we suggest that you attend some education fairs being organized in your city as they will give you first hand experience and information of global education.


    By the time you read that last line in the career section, we are sure you were taking a sigh of relief from worrying about what to do after school. Taking your plans after school to overseas for studying in the prestigious universities of the world is definitely going to be a daunting task of leaving your home country but trust us- ‘You are going to be thankful to take that decision when you walk around an overseas campus!

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