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Emerging Sectors in Australia

Emerging sectors in Australia

Mining, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, as well as the Industrial and Materials Industries continue to drive growth and investment globally into the Australian economy as prominent sectors by market capitalisation. Australia is also substantiating healthy prospects for growth in a range of other emerging sectors.

Organic Farming, Investment Banking and Securities, Biotechnology, Power Generation and Online Information Services are only some of the super-growth sectors that have been predicted to experience employment growth and have an extensive impact on the economy of Australia and the world over the next 5 years (IBIS Report).

Deloitte’s research indicates healthy prospects for a variety of sectors in the Australian economy over the next 20 years that are expected to add $400 Billion over that period.

The report concludes that Agribusiness, Gas, Tourism, International Education and Wealth Management will have the greatest impact over this period on employment and the GDP as these sectors offer both high growth rates and Australia’s competitive advantage.


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