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Education Cost for Studying in China

education cost in China

While considering China as a study abroad destination, it is important to be aware of the cost of tuition and living expenses. Although China faces rapid price rise, the cost of living and studying in China is relatively low in comparison to other developed countries like the US or the UK.

Tuition Fee (CNY ¥)

The estimated average tuition fee ranges from USD 3300 (around 20,000 RMB) to USD 9900 (around 60,000 RMB) per year.

Accommodation (CNY ¥)

  • Applications for accommodation should be made to the universities before reaching China. 

  • There are many kinds of dormitories in the universities, and the prices differ from each other due to the furniture and facilities.

  • Students can live off-campus with the permission of the university, but should register at the local public security office within 24 hours upon arrival.

  • Accommodation in Beijing is roughly RMB 2000-3000 yuan per month

  • Renting a flat would roughly cost between 2000¥ to 4000¥.

Other Living Expenses (CNY¥)

Monthly living costs in metropolitan areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou would be 4500-5000 RMB (about USD 740-830).

Living in other cities would cost about 1500-3500 RMB (about USD 250-580) per month.

Eating out in China is cheap in comparison to other countries.

An average meal costs around 30-50 yuan

  • Eating out – 1500¥ to 3000¥ per week
  • Transportation system – 30 ¥ to 60 ¥ per week
    (The subway has a flat rate of 2 yuan and buses within the city are even cheaper)
  • Basic utilities (gas, heating, electricity, and mobile bills) - 300¥ to 500¥ per month

Smaller cities and those in China’s central and western regions are particularly inexpensive.


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