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Exams for Studying in China

exams to study in China

In accordance with different levels of degree, Chinese universities have different requirements that need to be reviewed carefully before application.

Usually, the non-degree language and culture programs have minimum requirements such as a high school diploma.

Chinese-medium degree programs (i.e. degree programs taught in Mandarin) require the applicant to provide HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) results to prove their Chinese language proficiency.

The usual requirement is a band of 4-6 for undergraduate programmes and a band of 5-8 for post-graduate programs. These requirements may differ depending on the course and/or institution.

English-medium programs do not require HSK results. Instead, applicants for English-medium programs should provide recognized English proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.

More and more universities are starting to offer international programs taught in English. These programs will no longer require HSK examination results and are suitable for international applicants.

Contact The Chopras today for detailed information relating to the tests that may be needed for admission to Chinese institutions.


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