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Study in India

why study abroad in India

Why study in India?

India is the perfect hub for the students who dream of quality education. With over 17000...

best universities in India

Top Universities in India

The Indian universities provide world-class education to students in a wide range of..

Faqs about study overseas in India

Popular courses for studying in India

Know more about the popular course and subjects in India...

emerging sectors in India

Emerging Sectors

Healthcare, tourism, food processing, retail, manufacturing, IT and fields like these are emerging...

skill shortage list in India

Skill Shortages

India is the hub of flourishing industries. This has given way for development in many fields...

average incomes after study in India

Average Incomes

Postgraduate Incomes (Indian)
Key Stats

education cost for studying in India

Education costs in India

Among the top 15 countries, India is the least expensive country for foreign students. The cost of living...

study abroad scholarships in India

Scholarships to study in India

The Indian government offers a wide range of scholarships to foreign students every year. These scholarships...

admission process in India

India Admissions Process

You can register with The Chopras in order to get help with the admissions process...

student visa India requirements

Documents required for student's visa

Mentioned below is the list of documents required to study in India:

  • Pass certificate of qualifying exams
scholarship exams for studying in India

Exams for Studying in India

This requirement varies from institute to institute, and all of them have a different set of exams...

Faqs about study overseas in India


Frequently asked questions...