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Emerging Sectors in Ireland

emerging sectors in ireland The Irish economy is dominated by its IT sector which represents one third of Ireland's total exports, sales of approximately €50 billion per annum with 70,000 skilled people employed. Ireland has proven itself as an excellent location for IT companies with many of the world's top companies already located here and taking advantage of Ireland's unique offering.

Ireland is also one of the leading locations for the pharmaceutical industry in Europe. Biotechnology is the major growth segment of the pharmaceutical industry and one of Ireland's most successful business sectors with over €4.5 billion invested by companies to date. The sector now accounts for over 30% of all new drugs in development.

Ireland remains a welcoming location for international financial services firms hence representing further employment in the country's financial IT sector. Accountants, auditors, investment bankers and tax specialists are in demand.

Moreover, given Ireland's geographical make, the green sector holds strong potential with a value currently estimated at €3.6 billion.


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