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Study in Switzerland

Best study in Switzerland

Why study in Switzerland?

Quality education is at the heart of Switzerland's long term strategy to ensure political and social stability, economic growth and wealth standards as well as innovation...

List Universities in Switzerland

Top Universities in Switzerland

There are a total of eight universities in Switzerland that consistently feature in the QS World University Rankings amongst the top 200...

Faqs about study overseas in India

Popular courses for studying in Switzerland

Know more about the popular course and subjects in Switzerland...

Emerging Sectors in Switzerland

Emerging Sectors

Switzerland has consistently been considered the best economy in the world on the basis of its GDP per capita, human development index, debt per capita and debt as a percentage of its GDP...

Skill Shortages in Switzerland

Skill Shortages

Although Switzerland has a highly efficient and productive workforce currently, demographic insights indicate an ageing population ultimately forecasting severe skill...

Average Incomes in Switzerland

Average Incomes

Salaries for graduates in Switzerland are amongst the highest in the world. Forbes listed Switzerland as having the highest average expectation of salaries amongst students...

Best Switzerland education costs

Switzerland education costs

If you are thinking of studying in Switzerland, you must be interested to know the cost of higher education in Switzerland. Take a look...

study in Switzerland

Scholarships to study in Switzerland

  • Autumn Semester: September to December
  • Spring Semester: February to June

Students considering Switzerland are recommended...

Best Switzerland admissions process

Switzerland admissions process

To be assured of obtaining the best quality advice about the opportunities available for studying in France students should register with The Chopras...

student visa switzerland requirements

Documents required for Switzerland

Here is the list of documents required for Switzerland:

  • Attested copies of X, XII & Graduate Degree (if applicable), mark sheets including Backlogs (Re-sits)
Exams for Studying

Exams for Studying in Switzerland

Many universities will require students to have passed one or more additional tests prior to giving admission. These range from the standardised graduate...

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