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What is a Computer Adaptive Test?

In a computer-adaptive test (CAT), questions are selected according to the student's level of intelligence. It starts with a question of average difficulty, and the correctness of the answer sets the difficulty level of the subsequent question. This pattern continues until the student gets to the end of the section and their ability on that subject has been measured.

What admission strategy must an applicant apply to increase the chances of acceptance at a Business School?

It is imperative that students put importance on their GMAT tests as well as their application essays. Their applications should exhibit their readiness for pursuing a programme at the Business School and speak of their willingness to contribute to the school environment.

Is it advisable to re-take the GMAT if the score received in the first attempt is low?

Students must make a concerted effort to prepare for the GMAT the second time and then retake the exam, if they feel that their GMAT test scores do not reflect their actual capabilities.

For what duration is a GMAT score valid?

A GMAT score is valid for 5 years. While a student can retake the exam to improve upon scores, Business Schools will have access to all your scores registered for the last 5 years. Hence, candidates are advised to prepare thoroughly before sitting for the exam.

When do I consider myself ready to take the GMAT?

Our 48 hour module is specifically customized and designed to make a candidate 'exam ready'. However if a student is deemed to be under prepared, we offer a combination of extra tutoring, further mock tests and result oriented strategic sessions to prepare the student to appear for the GMAT.

Where can I get more information about the GMAT?

Please fill in the enquiry form available on the webpage and we will get back to you at the earliest. Alternatively, you may walk into the nearest The Chopras centre or give us a call. Details of all our offices are listed in the 'Contact Us' page on our website. Our counsellors or faculty will be happy to assist with any GMAT queries.

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