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Vocational Training and Employability

The Edexcel BTEC Level-3 Diploma consists of a programme for those who wish to further explore theories and practices in counselling skills. It is a 9-month part time programme consisting of 340 study hours, after which there is an optional 3-month internship. Students can study either 2 hours a day for 5 weekdays or 10 hours over the weekend.

The Chopras is an Edexcel approved partner and through its Institute of Education, it offers the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills. It has its approved BTEC centres in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

As part of the unique programme offered by The Chopras Institute of Education, students will be given the opportunity to undertake a 3-month intensive internship in a live counselling environment.

Students of the Diploma in Counselling Skills programme will be given comprehensive advice regarding career planning. This will help them make well-informed decisions about their future and will ensure that they are well-prepared to enter the workplace. Students will have access to various workshops and events, like CV preparation, interview skills and preparation for aptitude test. All this is aimed at enhancing the employability of the students. Through contacts and network of the Institute of Education, students will also be given an opportunity to meet potential employers looking to hire quality counselling professionals. Additionally, students can benefit from significant exposure to the education and career counselling sector through the Group Company structure of the Institute of Education. Their recruitment process is on throughout the year.


Edexcel is at the forefront of UK education through its innovation and investment in cutting-edge technology that is aimed to revolutionise the examination and assessment system. Edexcel is the UK's largest awarding body that offers academic and vocational qualifications and testing. It is owned by Pearson.

Edexcel offers academic as well as vocational qualifications in over 100 countries worldwide operating in tandem with more than 25,000 schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK.

The qualifications offered by Edexcel include GCSE, AS and A Level, NVQ and a group/number of vocational BTEC qualifications ranging from entry level to BTEC Higher National Diplomas. These are recognised by higher education institutions and employers worldwide.

The Chopras is an Edexcel-approved partner and through its Institute of Education, the organisation is able to offer a range of Edexcel programmes in India.


A BTEC is a work-ready international qualification recognised by leading universities, professional bodies and employers that enables the students to successfully pursue a career of their choice. By choosing BTEC students will:

  • Benefit from a flexible course structure that blends subject theory with practical application
  • Develop the skills and knowledge needed for success in the 21st century global business environment
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification accepted by leading universities and employers across the world

Mandatory Units

The Diploma in Counselling Skills comprises five mandatory units:

  • Developing Counselling Skills
  • Theoretical Approaches in the Use of Counselling Skills
  • Working Ethically With Counselling Skills
  • Counselling Skills and Diversity
  • Counselling Skills and Personal Development

Image and Impression Management

All students in the Diploma in Counselling Skills programme are given training on various key areas that are designed to enhance their image, improve their professional etiquette and develop their social skills. This aspect of the course ensures that students are fully prepared for the competitive marketplace apart from becoming well-developed professionals. Students are given professional guidance on grooming, service excellence and advice on positive attitude and behaviour designed to enhance their productivity in the workplace.

Internship Guaranteed

As part of their course, all students of the Diploma in Counselling Skills programme are guaranteed an internship of 3 months. The internship provides students the chance to apply their newly acquired skills and gain firsthand experience in a live counselling setting. This aspect of the Diploma doubles the students' employability prospects. It also provides them an excellent opportunity for networking with professional contacts and to experience the challenging yet satisfying counselling profession.

Students must meet the following criteria for being eligible for the programme:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have passed XIIth standard
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Pass the Knowledge Proficiency Assessment (Internal Admission Test)

The assessment model for the Diploma in Counselling Skills is based on a practical framework that makes maximum use of tasks, based on activity in realistic scenarios. This way the students can adopt better.

Students are assessed on a continuous basis on various parameters like presentations and on-going project work. Their performance is observed continuously over the duration of the programme.

End-of-semester exams in each module are an essential part of the assessment for the Diploma in Counselling Skills programme.