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The Chopras - Institute of Education

Redefining the social fabric of India through Transnational Education

Growing demand for international and quality education requires an efficient mechanism of education supply, especially for where there are shortages. The biggest challenge India faces is the restricted access toquality educationfor our human capital, one that is youthful and promising.

With a vision to widen the access of quality education and drive a movement that would help advance India's human capital, The Chopras Institute of Education has introduced The International Year One in Business to the Indian market and is initiating the introduction of a range of programmes in Business, Engineering, Sciences and Arts to broaden opportunities for students.

Transnational education can help widen the access of education and harness the potential India's human capital has to enter a frontier of knowledge building that inspires generations to become entrepreneurs, engineers, physicists, educators and great people that advance not just India's but the world's economic, social and intellectual capital.

The institute is driven by the same passion for excellence that propelled the Chopras, our parent organisation, to achieve the prosperity and success that it has in the global education career counselling space. Our core values of integrity, ethics, innovation and quality are fundamental in defining our mission and are deeply embedded in the value system of this Institute as a provider of transnational pathways.

Undergraduate Programmes and Courses in NCUK Universities | The Chopras