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International Year One
in Business

A fast paced, globally competitive programme, exclusively designed for
international students, offering the best route to an undergraduate degree in the UK

Why choose the International Year One?

The International Year One in Business offers unique value allowing students to make progression into the 2nd year of a Business related undergraduate degree while adapting to international learning standards. The programme, exclusively designed for international students, enhances value and widens the access of quality education for students by giving them access to over 90 business related courses across 10 universities in the United Kingdom.

The International Year One is a credit bearing qualification which enables students to study the first year of their UK Bachelor's degree at an approved NCUK Study Centre, with guaranteed access to the second year of a UK Bachelor's degree at an NCUK university:

Value driven: The International Year One offers unique value allowing students to make progression and adapt to an international approach to learning.

Progression into Year 2 of an undergraduate degree: The International Year One is effectively year one of an undergraduate degree at a UK university. Progression into the second year in a wide range of courses in one of 10 partner universities is guaranteed upon successful completion of the programme.

Access to diverse range of courses: The International Year One leads to a broad range of courses in business related subjects including Accounting & Finance, Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics and International Business.

Access to Russell Group, Red Bricks & New Age universities: Our portfolio of universities is extensive and allows us to cater to the needs of a range of students and profiles. Each university in our portfolio have core competencies and rankings are too simple a measure to capture the true essence of our universities.

Easing the transition from school to university: Students coming from certain education boards may potentially face challenges in adapting to international learning methods. The transition from school to university is often not well acknowledged and largely miscalculated. In light of this insight, our programme addresses fundamental challenges and obstacles students may face at university to allow for a smooth transition and develop a skill set that would enable our students to excel.

Providing confused students a platform: Our programme is a great platform for students who have a general idea of the area of study they are most interested in, however are not sure on the course(s) they are most suitable for. The International Year 1 is focused on engraining a solid foundation of business, economics and finance concepts in students, essentially guiding students into areas of study that most excite them. By the end of the programme, students should have an understanding of what their strengths and weaknesses are in order to have direction in where their time is best invested to maximize their return from their learning, exposure and education experience.

Providing a platform to change subjects/streams: There are many students who go into areas they aren't entirely passionate about and may not be well aligned with, our programme is a brilliant platform for students who are looking to switch their area of study to business as the International Year 1 allows students of that nature to explore fundamentals before nailing down a particular focus.

Access to a world class education: Thousands of students simply enrol into home institutions as a result of missing deadlines and while there is also value in an education in India, the United Kingdom offers opportunities, exposure and experiences that are life changing and will only enhance your ability to be globally competitive.

Undergraduate Programmes and Courses in NCUK Universities | The Chopras