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Glion Institute of Higher Education

1. Overview of the institution

Studying at Glion Institute of Higher Education will prepare students for an exciting career in international hospitality management. Students are taught by leading professionals and experience exciting internships at a range of prestigious organisations. They will get to see the world, working with a range of cultures in some of the globe’s most stunning locations. During the studies students will gain first-hand experience from visits to leading brands and talks from industry experts. All of this ensures that students will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to be leaders in a constantly evolving, and always exciting industry. Students will also become part of Glion’s alumni network, which is a community of over 13,600 international graduates based all around the world.

2. Location and facilities

Glion Campus (Switzerland) is the flagship campus and practical learning centres. From the classrooms and restaurants students gaze across the deep blue waters of Lake Geneva to see the Swiss and French Alps. It is located on the mountain side above Montreux. The campus buildings are located around the village of Glion including five students’ accommodation buildings and four bars and restaurants. The academic buildings offer 16 classrooms and study rooms. There is also a gym and indoor pitch on the campus. Students can also access other leisure activities such as swimming, tennis and yoga in Glion and Montreux.

Bulle Campus (Switzerland) is surrounded by beautiful mountains in a medieval town. In this town students can easily access the market, trendy bars and cafes. There is also a chateau in the city centre. This campus offers a great balance between studying and enjoying the free time. There are four accommodation buildings, two coffee shops and two restaurants on the campus. The academic building has 16 classrooms and study rooms, including library. There are two fitness centres and racket club in Bulle.

London Campus (the UK) is in the Devonshire building next to the University of Roehampton’s campus with more then 10 000 students (140 nationalities). The London campus offers a very friendly environment including the passionate hospitality students and faculty members. Students can also use all amenities of the Roehampton University such innovative library with incredible views of London from its top floors, student clubs, restaurants and sports centres. The London campus has six room, a coffee shop and common room.

3. Departments/Subject areas

  • Bachelor’s in International Hospitality Business
  • MSc in International Hospitality Business
  • Dual MBA and MSc in International Hospitality Business (Glion and Grenoble Ecole de    Management)
  • Summer Camp Experience Program

4.  Rankings

QS World University Rankings

Glion Institute of Higher Education — Ranked number 5 overall among the world’s top institutions in hospitality and leisure management and number 1 worldwide for employer reputation in hospitality and leisure management. In the top 3 for Swiss institutions in Hospitality Management.
QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 — Hospitality and Leisure Management evaluates institutions based on factors such as academic reputation and employer reputation.

5. Scholarships

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6. Careers: Unique student support

Every semester, over 400 Glion students leave our campuses to develop their skills in the industry on professional internships. Students receive support and guidance from the Internship Department, and they choose their internships from the many offers received by the institution or researched independently.

Based on specific criteria such as location, property type (city or resort), language, visa and work permit requirements, students apply for the position that will allow them to develop their skills and discover a company, brand, department, or position that helps them to form their future professional objectives.

Students receive guidance to secure an internship that best suits their skills. The internships are documented and evaluated for academic credits.
To assist students with their placement, the internship team provides a variety of services:

  • Introduction to hiring practices including CV preparation, interview skills and internship research methods.
  • Receiving and publishing internship opportunities and completing the necessary follow up.

Continued support during the internship.